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If you own a marina or boat rental company, you’ve no doubt had issues with birds, such as pigeons and other bird species that keep flocking at the docks. Their droppings can deface and damage the fleet of boats, rooftop HVAC units, and windows. This is why you’ll need Little Monster to prevent damages.

Even if all your boats are covered, the droppings can eventually eat into the canvas, causing these covers to become brittle and tear.

Boats without cover run the risk of even greater damage to sliding doors and windows, antenna arrays, and outboard engines.

Cleanups alone can drive up your maintenance costs. Something you don’t need in these tough economic times. Your seaside business with its many rooftop ledges and signage offers ideal perches for waterfowl looking for a vantage point for their next meal.

Without effective bird control, large birds like geese, ducks, cormorants, and gulls often take over these areas, creating both noise and a mess in droppings.

Bird droppings left on docks, walkways, and entrances to your business are not only visually unappealing but can also create dangerous slip-and-fall hazards.

To keep pest birds away from your seaside business, consider hiring pigeon control from the experts.

The basic idea in using natural bird repellents to control birds is to create and the environment in which a bird feels uncomfortable or frightened, and will move on to another location as a result. If unwanted birds are damaging plant life on a given property, there are any number of homemade preparations that can be sprayed directly onto plants that will not harm them but will dissuade a bird looking for a meal.

A mixture of cayenne pepper and water sprayed onto plant leaves not only will keep birds away but is good for controlling a variety of garden pests. Crushed cloves in water have the same effect in repelling birds from plant life.

Outdoor decoys have an excellent effect in controlling birds and have a long track record of success.

The trick in using decoys to scare off birds is to relocate them about the property daily so the birds do not get wise that they are fake.

Flashes of reflective light are frightening to birds, and a few well-placed aluminum pie pans suspended from a piece of nylon fishing line works wonders as a bird repellent.

Anything that makes a significant amount of noise is also an excellent way to control unwanted birds naturally. A few strategically placed wind chimes or a barking dog works wonders.

Metal or aluminum wind chimes work the best in repelling unwanted birds because they not only make noise but reflect light as well. Perhaps the best natural bird repellent to control unwanted birds is the presence of an ordinary house cat.

Not only does the mere sight of a cat scare birds off, but your cat may be able to make great use of their hunting skills occasionally to help reduce the bird population.

One of the best things about using a cat to repel unwanted birds is that they tend to draw other stray cats to them, and after a while, the presence of birds will disappear almost completely.

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