Types of bees in the UK

There are many different types of bee in the UK the most common include Honey Bees, Cottontail Bees, Bumblebees and Masonry Bees.

Bumble Bee

Removal of bees is a skilled and should only be undertaken by a trained specialist. Many bees are protected and must not be destroyed, so it is vital to not only identify the type of bee, but to deal with any nest safely and with care.

Honey Bee


Diagnosis of the type of bee is critical as treatments vary for the different types of bee and where they are located for instance Honey bees need to be handled differently to say a Cottontail bee as they may β€˜belong’ to a commercial hive.

Cottontail (whitetail) Bee

Bees can be found in large numbers entering roof spaces, cavity voids, below sheds and under decking and they can sting if disturbed

Mason Bee

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