The queens spend winter in a quiet location (typically a shed or roof space, but occasionally in the ground).  She begins building her nest from March and by May the wasps will be active, which is when they can start to cause a nuisance.

Wasps (Vespula spp or Vespula germanica) tend to be an issue towards the end of summer when their nests are at their largest and they are at their most aggressive.  A single large nest can house up to 6,000 wasps and produce anywhere up to 30,000. They can attack in numbers if they are disturbed or feel threatened.

Destroying the nest in an attempt to remove it is the worst thing you can do and is guaranteed to aggravate the wasps.  The Wasp nests are most commonly found under the eaves but they can also be found in lofts, wall cavities, garages, sheds, holes in trees or in the ground.

If you or anybody else in the household is allergic to wasp venom you need to make sure you don’t disturb the nest in any way.

When you locate a nest call Little Monster on 07932 224 370 straight away.

European wasp
Wasp Nest


Wasp nests can be destroyed using an insecticide dust, or removed if access permits.

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