For a rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) control programme to be successful, an integrated approach is vital and should change dependent on the particular problem.  Shooting, baiting or fumigating without any follow-up will leave a vacant ready made home for other rabbits to use.

Rabbit breeding occurs throughout the year in the UK due to our mild winters.  This means that in order to combat a rabbit problem we need to act at a faster rate than the rabbit can breed.

Our aim is to achieve local eradication to your problem and to prevent re-infestation of rabbits.  A group approach may be necessary as it produces a greater success rate and we have found that involving your neighbours’ in treating the problem helps prevent re-infestation.


The solution for rabbit control may include:-

  • Trapping
  • Fumigation of Warrens
  • Shooting at night, or day
  • Professionally installed rabbit proof fencing

If you have a rabbit problem, however large or small, do not hesitate to contact Little Monster on 07932 224 370.