An infestation of rats can be one of the most dangerous and damaging pest problems to experience.  They spread diseases, contaminate food, harm pets and cause costly damage to property.

If you suspect that rats have invaded your building at home or at work, it is vital that you call Little Monster straight away to ensure that you, your family, your customers or staff are protected from the many health and safety hazards posed by these pests.

Black Rat

Black Rats (Rattus rattus or Ship Rat) are slightly smaller that the more common Brown Rat, although they do have larger ears and their tail is longer than the length of their head and body.  They have the stigma of bringing the plague to London but today they are generally more likely to be found near sources of water such as ports or rivers where they can also find food.

Brown Rat

The Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus or Norway and Sewer Rat) is the most common species found in the UK.  Common habitats include rivers & streams, fields, buildings and sewers.  A rapid breeder with 3-6 litters per year of a litter size of 8, they are sexually mature at 10-12 weeks.  They are neophobic which means they are cautious with new objects and food sources.


Your treatment plan will involve two or three visits at roughly one week intervals and should include changes to the environment to make it less appealing for them to return.  This may include:-

  • Proofing of your building to prevent access
  • Removal of food / water sources
  • Better Hygiene & housekeeping
  • Modifications to building design or layout
  • Physical trapping
  • Poisoned bait stations.

Eradication of rats is a skilled job. For expert advice and treatment, call Little Monster on 01727 815 153 anytime day or night.