Pest Problem? We’ll Solve It!

Our friendly, qualified engineers will not just eliminate your pest problem but show you methods to help prevent them from coming back.

✅ We use strategies that are Safe, Humane and environmentally friendly wherever possible

✅ Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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A Pest Service You Can Trust


In or out of the house, our qualified technicians will come to you and deal with your pest problem day or night, no matter how large or small the issue is.

From an ants nest to a rat infestation, bed bugs to pigeon guava, we have a clean and humane solution


Be your issue in a shop, office, factory, or even agricultural property.

Little Monster provides a fast and effective solution to any pest issue.


We are fully licensed and belong to the Trade Associations including: PROMPT (Professional Pest Controllers Register).

We are members of NPTA and Think Wildlife as well as the Guild of British Molecatchers.


Little Monster offers a variety of direct surface treatments to sanitise your home, office, school or any building or room.

We offer protection against Covid-19 as well as other virally transmitted problems.



There are two types of rat, neither have a place in the home or workplace…neither do mice!


Moles can cause immense damage for their size.

We remove and deal with them in a humane way.


Destroying nests or attempting to remove nests without correct knowledge is the worst thing to do.

We deal with them quickly and within humane regulations.


Ants cause problems primarily when they forage in buildings for food or water and when they construct nests in buildings and gardens.

We will remove nests, ending the issue for you.


The misconception is that they relate to poor hygiene – Not True.

All homes are open to bedbugs and we have solutions to clear them.

Bird Control

Birds can be pests and leave guava in vast quantities.

We remove the Guava and ensure the birds don’t return!


Got them in your restaurant or home? They are harmless, but not nice to have them.

We will remove them and ensure they don’t return.


Hornets are often considered pests, particularly when they nest near humans, because they will defend a nest aggressively if they feel it is threatened.

Call us to remove them before they sting you!


Ridding your home of fleas can be a daunting and costly endeavour. Unlike most household pests, fleas bite dogs and cats as well as people.

Little monster will get rid of these monsters for you!


Many are considered pests because they pose a health risk to humans, pets and livestock through the spread of food poisoning, dysentery and diarrhoea.

Often caused from a dead rodent in the house, we will remove both issues.


One of the main reasons why rabbits are considered to be agricultural pests is because they’re herbivores. They can destroy gardens and small holdings.

We will humanely remove them permanently.


Squirrels will strip insulation from electrical wires. Tear up fibreglass insulation. Contaminate cold water tanks and attic space with urine and droppings.

They are not the furry creatures we think. They are in fact rodents like rats and mice.