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Our Approach

Our Approach

Control Leads to Cure

Little Monster is your comprehensive solution to controlling any pest infestations. Established for over 10 years, we provide highly effective solutions at low cost which are humane and safe for the environment.

When you contact Little Monster, you will get:

  • A Comprehensive Survey of your property to identify the nature & extent of the infestation
  • We will provide you with  an appropriate Physical Control Techniques including cleaning to remove feeding opportunities
  • Advice on the Environmental Management or changes to the location, building or grounds to remove the habitat, food sources & desire to visit the area. This removes any long-term issues.
  • Appropriate Proofing techniques to exclude pest activity
  • Humane Control Techniques as required by the infestation
  • Education of your staff as part of the ongoing Physical & Monitoring steps
  • Develop an ongoing Monitoring System to detect any early signs of re-infestation
  • Implement a sound & open Data Recording Strategy

An Integrated Pest Control programme can be carried out as part of short term solution or an on-going service contract.  Little Monster can provide the framework and training for your own staff to carry out the monitoring & recording steps so that you only generate a call out when it’s really required.

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