COVID-19 Coronavirus

Disinfection of the Home, Work & Public Places

News reports covering the novel Coronavirus pandemic serve as a reminder about the importance of effective disinfection procedures. Little Monster can offer disinfection options through a variety of disinfectants to reduce the risk to occupants of spaces, from a small room to a whole office, classroom, shop or public building.

Disinfection procedures are recommended by the WHO and Public health England and advice should be taken from the Chief Medical Officer of England. For Government advice, please refer to:

Little Monster offers a variety of direct surface treatments with the most effective protection against COVID-19 likely to be ULV ‘air’ treatment. This process allows for a space to be subjected to an application that converts specialist disinfectant liquids into microfine droplets that fill a void, disinfecting a greater surface area and improving the protection to the community within. The treatment allows for large spaces to be treated in moments using airflow to maximise exposure. Spaces need to vacated for just over an hour with no residual smell, so treatment can be managed to minimise disruption. because treatment is swift, costs can be kept to a minimum as the application time is short.

The technical bit…..the disinfectant we use has an inferred efficacy against Coronaviruses due to proven efficacy against Caliciviridae (at dilutions of 1:50) and Vaccinia virus. the laboratory surrogate styrain for enveloped virus claims (Coronavirus is an enveloped virus). We can provide the microbiological test data that supports the approval against COVID-19. A treatment will kill the virus that may exist on a surface, but it is of course possible for re-contamination at a later time and therefore any treatment can be in isolation or as part of a wider protective service.